Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Langkawi's LADA Mismanagement

Ever wondered what is the main reason why just a simple idea like in making a motion picture, landed up becoming a blockbuster and then winning the Oscar's?

Ever wondered how just two youngsters in their 20's who came out with a wild idea like constructing a website where anybody in the world connected to the internet can search upon anything on the face of earth is today known as Google, has now become a multi billion dollar company? Not only that, now they have created a free service where, again, anybody in the world gets access to online satellite images.

Ever wondered how the then The Cats (they normally perform at Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall in New York) are so perfect?

Ever wondered how Napoleon (except for major wars) won every battle?

Ever wondered how The United States of America with a debt of 14 trillion dollars is still running their government gracefully? (of course the combination of 'United Bluff' is enforced)

The list goes on and on.

Up above all share one common interest, appropriate management.

So now I'm going to point out one particular of ever so blatant inappropriate blind management.

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." Napoleon Bonaparte.

As a kid I used to go over to telaga air hangat frequently, one of the reasons was for those thai stall food around the wells, pestering my father to drive me there. As at that time admission was free. Excitement was overwhelmed when the developing authority decided to 'upgrade' Langkawi's product.

It then came out to be a miserable failure. The hot water spring is not as hot anymore. Those stall food vendors were criminally interrogated by immigration officers, fined heavily and were sent back to the border. Some people just don't have a heart. Why not just send them back?

There are a total of 3 wells. Before, three wells were filled by naturally – two was warm water and the third well was slightly hot. Locals nationwide used to flock into the complex like camouflaging from the open world, even bringing their own empty bottles to fill it up with water from the springs as it contains supernatural healing elements.

As the entire area was turned into a complex-like and naming it Air Hangat Village, locals who were on a budget holiday had to put it on the KIV list of places of interest. Complaints were put up to LADA that it was a totally erroneous act. But of course it was completely not their fault; the blame was verbally put directly to the then premier. Complaints usually gets treated like billiard in Langkawi, they stay on unattended. But then it's not an issue for some 9am – 5pm fixed salary officials.

Does this sound like a placated gratifying conflict on Langkawi's 8th floor?

Earnestly I would like to stress out that I am not within the opposition. And this would be the only way a complaint is to be taken as a mull over.

The Langkawi Development Authority has been spending a mammoth like amount of money in Langkawi, but till now what have we, Langkawians, seen? It is all the same. The Eagle Square, money was collected from every single businessman of 'his' time. The major road construction which has just been completed, money was borrowed from Danaharta.

Only the Cable Car Project and Telaga Harbour Park was spent by LADA. The Sungai Kilim project as the main Geopark product is still in such a mess. Just pay a visit.

The pekan-rabu-like complex beside Al-Hana Mosque would be a definite failure as such as the Lagenda Park (which started as pay per entry) and the Tourist Jetty which is located beside-seafront of Al-Hana Mosque.

Also the bazaar-like shoplots that were barefaced constructed in between Langkawi Mall and Trimula Development shoplots.

For majority of projects in urban planning, are the consultants repeatedly being used in different forms? Well, it could be because it's a 'family affair'.

To the politicians in the state of Kedah, if you have better lines of reasoning to argue this motion above, please say it out in your speeches, I am listening.

The engineer in LADA did surely become rich, with Zaima Realty Sdn. Bhd. being set up. Purchasing land in a big amount, calling himself 'baron' recently by constructing a hotel and naming it Langkawi Baron Hotel also another one in Pantai Cenang, naming it Langgura Baron. Also two other hotels at Pantai Cenang.

He usually purchases these empty useless lands some time in advance and then lets LADA to buy it from him at sky high prices.

On behalf of LADA, he approves the purchase by himself for himself by signing the letter below, "Saya menurut perintah".

It has been just so many times ACA has been investigating him but always absolute freedom for him at the end.

So are his buddies in the ACA? Absolutely not. The puppeteer has got three loyal puppets; the MP and the Aduns of N1 & N2 (or the three stooges), which makes him an untouchable.

His latest project was to construct a four-lane two way road from Kuah Town to the international airport that summed up to a hefty 9 digit. At least the three stooges will be able to fill their pockets now.

Usually when an organization is really messed up, just change the top three post holder – organizational disinfection.

Has LADA been ever so pertinent in Langkawi? Or all this while, has the state government ever been so relevant for Langkawi? An absolute conciliation conflict of the highest order.

Progress, may perhaps, be professed by historians; it can never be felt by those actually involved in the supposed advance.

A counsel to the politicians of the State:

"I made my mistakes, but in all my years of public life, I have never profited from public service. I've earned every cent. And in all of my years in public life I have never obstructed justice. And I think, too, that I can say that in my years of public life that I welcome this kind of examination because people have got to know whether or not their President is a crook. Well, I'm not a crook. I've earned everything I've got." Richard M. Nixon, in a press conference - 11 November 1973.

Let me roll the dice and see how will this matter get treated, well it's as I guessed; it shall be again remain un-entertained.

Signing off and will be returning soon,

Aakash of Langkawi.