Monday, May 12, 2008

Is this not true democracy?

In spite of all the talk about Malay Agenda all these while, Malay share of the economic pie is still only about 20% and Malay enrolment in universities is not more than 55%, while their performance in the SPM is ...% ? ( you know the figures), and everyone knows the Malays have little economic power...

Hence, positive discrimination for the poor and those socially and economically handicapped is still necessary. Give the figures for government aid in education, etc. to non Malays (in terms of number of scholarships, places in universities (subsidised by the government), etc. Add to that the setting up of the ACA Commission, The Malaysian Institute of Integrity, the Judicial Committee as well as other measures the government has recently taken – measures that are already heading the right way without sacrificing political & economic stability. Also, do not forget that the Malays/Pribumis make up 60% of the population. Reading in this context, the media is not representing Malay views commensurate with their percentage of the population.

Malay views hardly dominate any media much less the alternative media. Within this scenario, perhaps the Chinese and Indians should consider ceasing calling themselves Chinese or Indian...just call theselves Malaysians...

If not, why object to Ketuanan Melayu (which simply means the Raja Melayu as Head of Government, who even exempts the non-Muslims from wearing the Songkok in Royal Audience and functions.

In 1946, the Malays objected to to the idea of the Malayan Union simply because the British had wanted to do away with the Malay Royalty as the Head of Religion and Customs, and the majority of Malays concentrated in the former Unfederated states and outnumbering the others still had strong sentiments for Islam and the Raja Melayu.

Economically, Malaysia is still ruled by the minority. Is this not true democracy? Share power (political, social & economic) wisely or we may find ourselves going the way of anarchy as in Lebanon, Southern Philippines, Fiji, Iraq, etc...Do we want that?

Just because the Malays are not assertive enough doesn't make anti Malay sentiments (disguised in various forms) noble or democratic. The poor and handicapped will always be timid and less articulate.