Thursday, May 14, 2009

Where people power ends and institutional power begins (on behalf of the people)

Democracies that are entrenchedly rooted to the Rule of Law, are Nations of Laws, not of Men.

It is the Assembly and not the who people determine who becomes MB by giving/withholding support.

So, by going back to the people against the wishes of the majority ADUN, who were, invariably elected by the people during an officially convened election, naturally transgresses the right and role of the Assembly, who were mandated to represent the people.

There has to be a demarcation of sorts as to where the people play their part and where it ends when they surrender their mandate into the hands of their duly elected representatives. The people have a chance to elect their constituency representative every five years, or earlier if the good Sultan agrees.

And this is clearly entrenched within the Constitution, which says it is the Royal Prerogative. Henceforth, To force the Sultan to agree is to deny him his constitutional discretion.

I believe We must accept supremacy of laws over groups of people to be safely anchored as a nation based on laws.

And let us not forget there is an orderly way for the people to legislate law. Disorderliness is equal to anarchy, and anarchy begets lawlessness and misery.