Saturday, March 22, 2008

Anwar & BR Kidding the Malays?

The statement by Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim on the NEP is alienating the Malays.

He probably kids himself into thinking his ASN & ASB has done wonders. Has it really? There are millions of poor Malays and pribumis still.

Can PKR /DAP help these poor natives without NEP? Some poor Malays reject development, prefering to remain poor...but they forget there is AIDs, drugs, free sex, Mat Rempit, crime, etc. Its so convenient to blame UMNO but the highest incidence of AIDS is on the East Coast!

If PKR and the Barisan Rakyat dont watch out, they can fast lose Malay support, and thats only in hardly 2 weeks.

Anwar may turn from a hero to an anti-hero. If Wan Azizah were to step down and Anwar were to stand in a bye-election, would the Malays show their disappointment by not voting him? Or can he still fool the sleeping Malays? Who is educating the Malay natives to know the real world?