Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bloggers going on strike? Sheesh!!...


At first they assume that all bloggers are made of their brethren and that they all have a nit to pick with the government. And they went on to assume that there are PROMINENT and NON-PROMINENT bloggers.

Excuse me? As far as most of us net proletariats are concerned, the blogosphere is a free frontier. So, lets please not assume that a spectrum of the ether is beholden to only one 'ideology' or mindset.

That most of the self-proclaimed (perhaps proclaimed by their very own)stubbornly cling to their once lofty and glamorous positions at major news organisation makes them so self-centred and if the actual fate of the nation is in their hands.

While I agaree that they do have, to a certain extent certain 'persuasive' powers as bloggers, this nevertheless does not void the fact that they are still in the you so high and mighty that everything else is below you...hmmm.