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Anwar Approaching Carter Institute for Help

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From Malaysiakini July 21 2007

PKR’s de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim has called on the public to step pressure on the EC to reform itself.

In reference to several recent announcements by the EC, Anwar said the commission had thus far only shown knee-jerk responses after a series of electoral fraud exposes. For the first time, EC is enduring much pressure that it has to respond,” said Anwar at an Electoral reform rally organised by pressure group BERSIH at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. He urged the public to show up in full force on Nov 10 at a ‘mass gathering in Putrajaya’ to call for electoral reforms.

Anwar’s comments comes in the wake of the latest announcement by EC Chief Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman yesterday, who strongly hinted that the elections could be called quite soon. Previously, Abdul Rashid had also called for electoral reforms but his bid to improve the electoral process have thus far been limited to providing a transparent ballot box and forcing voters who are still using old IC’s to verify their status.

The EC had also agreed in principle to the use of indelible ink to prevent multiple voting but is awaiting feedback from the National Fatwa Council. The use of the ink is one of the core demands by BERSIH.

International Observers: Anwar, the final speaker among a long list at the rally had vowed to pile on the pressure overseas by speaking about the state of the electoral process at international conferences and meetings. He also announced plans to invite the renowned US-base Carter Centre, to monitor the upcoming Malaysian General Elections. The centre is an NGO that has among others, monitored 68 elections in 26 countries.

On talks that this will tarnish Malaysia’s image, Anwar said the only way to save Malaysia’s image is to expose the problems within the electoral system. ‘Thus, I believe the theme for the 50th National Day should be ‘Selamatkan Negara Malaysia (Save Malaysia),” said Anwar to roaring approval from the 2,000 strong crowd.

In his speec Anwar alleged that UMNO was going to distribute thousands of video discs accusing the opposition of inciting violence and disturbing public order. He claimed the title of the disc would be ‘Evolusi atau Revolusi ‘? (Evolution or Revolution?).

How to Topple BN:

Reiterating claims made last month in Kelantan, Anwar said UMNO was planning to bring 40,000 phantom voters from southern Thailand in a bid to wrest the state from PAS.

“UMNO had identified 70 parliamentary seats in danger of falling into the hands of the opposition, thus they will do whatever it takes to retain it,” he added. In order to topple the government that had been ruling for 50 years, Anwar said the Opposition would have to secure at least 56% of the popular vote. “The highest managed by the opposition was 48%. So if we continue to preach to the converted and maintain our current pace, it is not enough to change the government. We need to attract BN supporters to our cause,” he said.

The rally last was attended by PAS President Abdul hadi Abdul Awang, DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng and MTUC President Syed Shahir Syed Mohamud. BERSIH comprises 26 NGOs and 5 opposition political parties. The rally was the first in a series of planned roadshows to create awareness on the need for electoral reforms.

Blogger Comments:

A lot of BULL by a sick and self aggrandised loser who will cheat himself to stand out.

As food fo thought, how do we know if the Carter Institute is capable of being objective and capable of understanding the history of our country and its cultural sensitivities?

Only 30% of USA’s eligible voters go out to vote, why doesn’t the Carter Institute tackle that first? If the US is democratic, why is its white population and policies discriminating against coloured immigrants? How can we honestly believe that a country that can invade Iraq in violation of UN views and then create Guantanamo Bay horror in the inhuman torture of war prisoners be democratic? Why doesn’t the Carter Institute address that effectively first? Is Anwar blind to all these? Doesn’t he read?

The only explanation possible, perhaps, he has become myopic and diseased in his thinking?