Thursday, November 29, 2007

Anwar Ibrahim uses people to carry out his evil intentions

From Publius Melayu Blog

The following comments were made recently by a former officer of The Institute for Policy Research, a think tank established by Anwar Ibrahim and headed by his protege, Khalid Jaafar:

"Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim uses people to realise his objectives. He is oblivious to whatever that happens to any of his supporters so long as they continue to agitate and rip assunder Malaysia's fragile social fabric.

Throughout the history of his defiance of social order, Anwar Ibrahim had caused a number of his supporters to fall and brought to book. The only consolation whenever this happened was to give nothing more than lip service.

The HINDRAF rally last week was yet another fine example of his cruel orchestrations. He encouraged, supported, and gave the ignorant participants Dutch courage to execute their deeds – deeds which were clearly against the law and provocative in nature.

This is the real Anwar Ibrahim..."