Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Bar Council just another ‘political’ party hijacking the feeble mind of young lawyers

From Publius Melayu Blog

If anyone comes up to me and say that lawyers stand up for justice, I'd not hesitate to rubbish them. Although the spirit of the law is all about honour, the lot (the very much saturated lot) of the legal fraternity in Malaysia is no different compared to the corrupted dregs of society.

I am disillussioned, long disilussioned with what these legal eagles stand up for in righting the perceived wrongs of the system, given the fact that they themselves are not beyond reproach.

In a stride we now see the Bar Council acting like a political party. It is obvious the movers and shakers within that hallowed institution is more inclined to push for their greedy political ideals than to carry out the honourable objectives of their profession.

Another issue that has long been of concerned among us is the blind dependence on English laws to provide for any lacuna in the country's laws. With such corrupted and blinkered mindset, it comes as no surprise to see the Bar Council constantly attacking the other legal instutions entrenched in Malaysia.

So taken are they by the ass that is English law that nothing else compares. They have closed their minds to the fact that the country's disparate societal make-up requires a very different legal mindset – one that must be based on the needs and acceptance of the target group.