Sunday, November 11, 2007

Opposition: Saturday's rally just the beginning - Beginning of the end for them?

From Publius Melayu blog

While agreeing that rampant incidence of corruption must be curtailed, many of us are very cautious when opting for other avenues to press for change.

One channel that seems to have been embraced wholly by the detractors of the Barisan Nasional-led government is, of course, street protests.

No matter what the supporters of such tactic say to defend their 'righteousness', a question that most constantly begs to be answered is, 'wither common sense?'

We live in a country with rules and laws. If these rules and laws are being transgressed freely, what, I ask, is the purpose of our existence as professed Malaysians? We don't trust the government, we dont trust the judiciary, we dont trust the civil service, we dont trust most of our elected representatives. Whom do we trust?

The opposition agitators would easily dismiss police actions as unreasonable and violent when trying to disperse illegal demonstrations, but we seem blinkered to the fact that what we carry out without legal approval is still illegal. Still a wrong.

Are we all dried of ideas to push for change that we must insist on staging a display of public anger, although in the guise of a 'peaceful' demonstration?

Come on, most of the public will not buy such an excuse. Malaysia is not like the autocratic junta-led Myanmar or other similar examples. We still see strong opposition dominating Kelantan as well as pockets of opposition control throughout the country.

The opposition and NGOs can still voice their opinion unfettered although they claim that the mainstream media is controlled by the government. Are they so unresourceful in their search for more ideal avenues that they keep harping on the same obvious lines?

Malaysia stands out as a model of peace and harmony. Must we shatter that image just because some of us feel that some things are not right?