Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Anwar’s crusade against Islamic nations

Ponder this : Before the illegal invasion of Iraq and the downfall of Saddam, Iraq was labelled as undemocratic...yet people did not really go around killing one another everyday.

Today, after the US invasion and the installation of a so-called democratic government, people never know when a bomb is going to kill them. They live in real fear.

Does democracy then equal the freedom to kill one another for whatever reason? As far as we know, most countries today, including Islamic nations, already have peace and stability well-established, democratic or not. If there is a choice between democracy and peace/stability, which would most people choose?

Read Anwar's blog where he proudly announces that he , through the Foundation For the Future (FFF), has participated in an excercise to democratice further some Middle Eastern Islamic states. Read too the Rand Corporation's report promoting the Sponsoring of Moderate Muslim Networks ....why the concentrated concern with Muslim states?