Thursday, August 7, 2008

Butt out, Bar Council!

Why is the Bar Council Malaysia so bent on "stoking the fires of disunity?"

One cannot but help conjure up images of 'hidden hands' puppetting this fraternity of supposedly judicious minds.

Thanks but no thanks, the Bar Council's move to organise an open forum on conversion to Islam has sent shock waves among Muslims and Malays in Malaysia.

Adversity brings us together,' so goes the saying, and in this context it has suddenly brought together the Malays and Muslims – traversing political divides, even.

The question that comes to mind is why must the Bar Council feel that it is under a 'moral and professional' duty to convene a forum touching on such a sensitive subject? For one, no one has any right to determine how Islam is administered and attempt to influence changes in what have been divinely set.

Conversely, the Muslim brotherhood (at least in Malaysia) would not want to be so adventurous as to engage in foras and symposiums to scrutinise or attempt to invoke changes in the sacred belief of other religions. Muslims only respond when they have been transgressions within the parameters of Islamic precepts and in cases such as apostasy, this is the case.

So, Bar Council, 'ceases and desist' and BUTT OUT!