Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Kedah HOPING for 50% broadband coverage by 2010

According to the Kedah Works, Energy, Information, Information Technology and Environment Committee chairman Datuk Nawawi Ahmad, the state hopes to increase wireless broadband coverage in the state to 50% by 2010.

That is good and that is also BAD! A question that begs to be answered here is why HOPE for 2010? Why not now? Is the state waiting until after the General Elections to get the majority of the population to access the Internet? Why not before?

My view is either they do not want the people to have ready access to the scathing but critically beneficial opinions posted on the blogs that mostly beg for certain credible answers from the powers that be, or they are just plain slow.

Internet and ICT is about convenience and swiftness of action. For a state that already has a technological hub in the likes of the Kulim Hi-Tech Park, it is, indeed, questionable why we should wait until 2010.