Friday, May 25, 2007

May 13 "conspiracy" : hey! you invented it first!

So, James Wong in his blog (read his posting here) is of the impression that those who have not read the latest "interpretation" of the May 13 episode have a common train of thought. Of course, he would not hesitate to draw the focus to another "inventor" -- Hj Subky Latiff, no less. How convenient.

Regardless of who invented or who interpreted the incident and its causes, Malaysians cannot run away from the fact that it is something that ought to be given a rest. What is this new interpretation exercise for? From what I see it is just another political ploy of a near bankrupt alliance of opposition to stir up emotions. And based on some foreign intelligence sources at that, too!

No, I do not think that the book should be banned. Let it be freely available but just haul up the writer if he had transgressed upon the sacred area of racial sensitivities in Malaysia. The hell with following the right to freedom of expression as it is always to the advantage of the person who advocates it.

There are laws to look into these matters as much as one may just spend time in jail for uttering seemingly harmless remarks such as “I can hijack” this plane or “I have a bomb” to bring on board as a joke.

Yes, I wholly agree with Wong Sai Wan’s observations in “Learning to laugh again” – The Star, May 25). Perhaps, going by what he wrote we may have, indeed, lost our sense of humour, but for a good reason, too.

Over the years, from such a laid-back society where we did not take so many things said too seriously, we have become one that is too sensitive at a drop of a feather. As far as I can remember, without having to refer to some foreign intelligence sources, such sensitive personality of Malaysians came to be wrought from the ashes of that fateful day in 1969.

Hence, if we truly believe that it is so hurting to all parties concerned, the publication of Kua’s book notwithstanding, why bother to dwell on it? Is it just a matter of racial pride to gloat over the success at pushing some people to apologise?